Standing on the Dock in Abay


When I looked at this photo I heard

“sittin’ in the mornin' sun
I'll be sittin' when the evenin' come
Watching the ships roll in
and then I watch 'em roll away again, yeah“

And my mind automatically went to what we were doing when I took this photo, so I kept singing the tune

Standing on the dock in Abay hoping the ice will soon melt away.... 


Christmas Walkabout 2017


   Christmas day 2017. The previous two days before Christmas were spent with family. Quality time with those we love laughing and sharing. Christmas Day we were on our own and since we had spent our own Christmas together in Florida the week prior exploring Disneyworld, we decided a Christmas Walkabout would be in order. We headed southeast out of the snow and had a beautiful day of sunshine exploring the northern region of the fingerlakes.